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Predictably unpredictable: Why I loved Big Hero 6

Disney delivers a slam dunk home run touchdown goal with Big Hero 6, an animated film based on the Marvel comic. This film is Disney’s finest CGI work to date, in my opinion, and my second favorite film of 2014. My first? Guardians Of the Galaxy, of course! Before I dive in let me tell you that I have never read the source material, so there was no comparing it. That said, this was a very predictable story. That said, it was totally unpredictable! Oh, and before I go on, there might be a spoiler or two in your future,...

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Breathe Deeply

Hi there. This here is a spoiler free post. Though, if you have not seen ‘Deep Breath’, the first in the eighth series of ‘Doctor Who’, I seriously question your priorities. Well, anywho… I’m not sure about a lot of things after watching the series premiere of Doctor Who. I don’t know if I like the new titles. I don’t know if the 12th Doctor has a new Sonic Screwdriver. I am not sure what bug Madam Vastra had up her arse, regarding Clara. I’m not sure if this Doctor reminds me more of Tom Baker or Colin Baker, or...

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MARVEL Of the Ages

As we all saw at Comic Con, and in the weeks since the release of ‘Guardians Of the Galaxy’, Marvel is just like Stan Lee. At 75, it’s got the heart and imagination that appeals to a much younger generation. Celebrating 75 of years of comics excellence, Marvel is commemorating the event with a special anniversary Cover Art book. This big ol’ coffee table beauty features a variety of amazing Marvel cover art. DK books was granted access to this rare treat, and has compiled it into a sweet chronological timeline of heroic goodness. And that is why this book...

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Mad Max is Back: Watch Mad Max: Fury Road Official Trailer

Unveiled at Comic-Con, the first trailer for the next in the series of movies by George Miller – Mad Max: Fury Road. The story of a man condemned in a desolate world where the gangs rule the highways. The movie that gave Mel Gibson his first taste of stardom and the movie that holds the Guinness book of world records for most profitable film in Australia is back and ready for the 21st century. Tom Hardy and Charize Theron star in this new chapter in the epic saga. But will it bring back the franchise? In the last couple years,...

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Yodelling Pickle. What Else Do You Want?

If you’ve ever tried to teach your pickle to yodel, then… wait. What? The Yodeling pickle is a 6 inch by 3 inch by 3 inch item which yodels at the press of a button. That’s it. Put the batteries in and let the dang thing yodel. Its fun for the whole family! Or just one of those things you put in your cube to geek it out. I suppose you could paint it brown to turn it into the yodelling… nevermind. Get the Accoutrements Yodelling Pickle at Amazon

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Prince Fielder Shows 275 lbs of Himself on ESPN Magazine

It’s definitely not the swimsuit edition… Texas Rangers’ infielder Prince Fielder dawns the cover of Body2014 for ESPN magazine. It’s part of their annual “Body issue”. Fielder is a fit 275 lbs and he defends it by stating he works out, and doesn’t eat much sugar. In fact, during the video, he was consuming a salad and some sort of smoothie with Beets in it. Multiple mems have been created from this (for if it weren’t for memes, I would have nothing to report about here). Everything from hailing a taxi, to spinning the wheel on “Wheel of Fortune”. @RyanFieldFS1...

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10 Awesome Fathers Day Geek Cards (Some you can Meme Yourself)

Happy Father’s Day! Wait. You didn’t realize it? Well let’s get you a card you can print out and give to your Dad! Boba Fett Even the Fett knows how to have a great Father’s Day. From RIPT Apparel Bagley Superman Bagley works for the Salt Lake Tribune. In here, he shows point of view of the Father, then the kid. Go the Star Wars Route From the Joy of Tech. Vader would be proud. Another Star Wars Route Found on the Interwebs. South Park Father’s Day Plan to be funnier in your cards? Maybe get a little bit of...

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You Got Duped

In a world where people need a warning label to not spill scalding hot coffee on their laps or drink Bleach, marketing trickery really should com as no surprise. Selling to health nuts is apparently stupid easy, as they seldom seem bother reading label,s or to properly research anything. So long as it says ‘all natural’ or ‘organic’ or ‘made from bio-degradable Whale Excretions given freely by the animals consent in a free roaming parcel’, they’ll buy it in bulk at Costco. Kellogg’s, maker of some of the country’s most famous breakfast cereals that were ‘part of’ a balanced breakfast that did...

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Unlock the Secrets Of the Factory

I have always been a fan of 1971’s ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’. Besides the ridiculous music (except the Oompa Loompa songs, of course), the poor choice of casting Charlie, and despite the artistic license they took in some aspects of the story, the film managed to capture the manic lunacy of Willy Wonka, and did a MUCH better job of visualizing the source material. Watching any film pariah multiple times, it’s only a matter of time before you start picking it apart further. Last night, I picked it to epiphany. Please remember, this is about the MOVIE, not...

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LEGO Game of Thrones Without the Blood and Nudity

Otherwise known as the “Dragon Sword Fighter Force” to get around copyright, these are unofficial Game of Thrones LEGO minifigs. And you can get them now. The minifigs come in three-packs – a theme in each pack. Unfortunately, it does come with a $55 per pack (there are 4 packs) price. So for $220 plus tax you can get the whole set to line your cubicle. It might be worth snapping these up because I am guessing either a lawsuit is going to ensue or the licensing deal will happen and the DSFF will be no more.    

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And Now Some Words About Martin Freeman

The world of Dork/geek fangirl squee has had quite the mad-on for Benedict Cumberbatch, with the advent of Sherlock and Star Trek: Into Darkness. His devil-may-care characters have made him an international AND internet sensation. Heck, when Matt Smith announced he was stepping down as The Doctor, there was a huge grass roots effort for Steven Moffat to replace him with Benedict. Meanwhile, standing in the corner at the party, nursing a drink was good ol’ Martin Freeman. The man was the John Watson to Cumberbatch’s Sherlock, literally. His portrayal of the affable sidekick went largely unnoticed. Then, in 2012, something crazy happened....

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Archie Dies As Battlestar Goes Reboot City

I’m gonna admit, I haven’t picked up a copy of ‘Archie’ comics in years. Just the fact that he is still in high school, when I left 29 years ago, and has been since 1941, kind of weirds me out. So, it’s a bit comforting to me that mortality seems to be in his future. When “Life With Archie” #36 hits shops on July 16, Archie will sacrifice his own life to save a pal. “Life With Archie” has spelled out possible future scenarios for the lovable Archie for several years, and #37 will close out the series. Now, just...