Create Your Own Guitar Picks with the Guitar Pick Punch

pick punch 300x300 Create Your Own Guitar Picks with the Guitar Pick Punch

Pick Punch

Last year I got a cool business card from a music company. It was a plastic card; on the side, you could pull out the pick to use for playing guitar. I thought of all my old credit cards that could become better guitar picks than they have in the past.

Now my dreams are reality.

The Guitar Pick Punch is a way to make a pick when you don’t have any around. Just find the material you choose to use (especially those Bass guitar players that use a thick felt pick), place the punch on it like you would a stapler and press down. WHAMMO! A pick is born.

Shop Cool Material has the Pick Punch for $25, so it’s an affordable accessory for those musicians that want to do some experimentation with pick materials. It says the material has to be 0.80 mm thick, which is a slight disappointment, for it limits the amount of material you can use. But what the heck – throw in the balsa wood and see how that sounds on your brass wound strings.

Oh yeah. Don’t forget the guitar strings.

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