Why Netflix Should Produce a Boba Fett Series

Boba Fett 300x200 Why Netflix Should Produce a Boba Fett Series

Boba Fett at Comic Con by Gage Skidmore

A couple days ago, I read an article that suggested Joss Whedon would probably turn down a Star Wars movie- even if the right character was in it. It really got me to wondering what would happen if we took one character and made a spinoff movie – or better yet a series.

Then I remembered an article I did earlier on Dorkazine suggesting that HBO, Showtime or Starz should make a Jedi Masters Series. I started thinking the Jedi Masters would be fun, but what would be more interesting is the life of Boba Fett.

Then I looked at the recent win of the Emmys with House of Cards. This was a great show, which I ended up binge-watching one Friday night with Jennifer. I thought to myself “Why couldn’t Netflix bring out a series on the life of Boba Fett?

The Story of Boba Fett

This is what we know about Fett – His father was Jango Fett and was a bounty hunter himself. Boba was a genetic clone but Jango treated him like a son. Jango was deeply opposed to the Jedi and was ultimately struck down by Mace Windu in Combat. All while Boba Fett watched in horror.

Why Boba Fett Series Would Be Compelling

Simply put, the main character is conflicted. A deep rooted anger for the Jedi who killed his father and an unhealthy drive to eliminate Jedi forever. Of course, he takes the bounty hunting role as his father before him.

Each week, Fett could be hunting down someone who owes money to Jabba the Hutt or another boss that pays the highest dollar. He could have a Jedi foe that weaves in and out of the series – a Master to his Doctor Who – a Hank to his  Heisenberg – A Luthor to his Superman.

Maybe even a young Han Solo…

We also would find out some personal items about the original man of mystery. Did you know he eventually married Sintas Vel and had a daughter?

Boba Fett Series: Rated MA

Just like with Jedi Masters, this is not your kids’ series. Language, nudity and violence would ravage the show – just as you might have seen thousands of years ago in galaxies far away. A true fiction of a person filled with rage and hate – and where that leads him in life. Flashbacks of his father’s death on Geonosis and maybe points in the series on how he too became a bounty hunter. Maybe even the person that helped him become the best hunter in the land.

Boba Fett Series on Netflix

This would be the series Netflix would want to bring in. Sci-fi action, matching together with a gritty drama and a series of developing characters. Main Star Wars characters like Solo, Jabba, Vader and Skywalker – keeping a concurrency to the movie’s storyline.

12 episodes at a time – put out for the next 4-5 years.

I’d binge that…

Image credit: Gage Skidmore

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