Snappy Answers for Stupid Questions: Bitstrips Style

I remember getting the Mad Magazine. I enjoyed all it had to offer from the cover of Alfred E. Neumann incorporated into the pop cover, to the fold up in back. It was and still is a great magazine.

One thing that I enjoyed more was the comics. Spy vs. Spy, Don Martin (He has a Shrine, you know), but just as important was Al Jaffee. He brought a lot of sarcasm to his strips with “Snappy Answers for Stupid Questions”. For instance, you might see someone at the computer and another ask the question:

“Are you on”

The reply would be a trifecta – like:

“No, I am on ebay buying an expensive car”

“No, my pants are on fire and I am looking online for the proceedure to ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’”

“No, I thought this was the microwave. Hopefully my Burrito is done…”

On a daily basis, Bitstrips offers a remix challenge: Write a good caption to the bitstrips comic. It was a street bum with piles of money. This inspired me to do an Al Jaffee tribute. So enjoy this Snappy answer to a stupid question.

270723 Snappy Answers for Stupid Questions: Bitstrips Style

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