The AMAZING CD/DVD Paper Case Folding Tutorial!

Are your Jewel cases always breaking?

Lost the case to your favorite DVD? Need something to put the disk your friend gave you at work (you know, the one with ‘work information on it)?

The ancient art of Origami, or paper folding, has at last come to your emotional rescue!

Paper CD case, a handy web tool for those who downloaded the ‘Blank sheet of paper’ program! Now you can whip up a quick cover for that presentation disc your taking to your big meeting in Vegas!

This has you covered, as well as your data, music and movies! There is a ‘basic’ and an ‘advanced’ tutorial, depending on your folding skills.

But wait! There’s more! There is ALSO a feature that lets you print the contents of your disc, right on the page! Amazing, right?

You may have seen this website featured on other blogs, but NOT ON HERE! This is an exclusive from DORKAZINE to you!

So… now your discs are safe, your music is saved, and the world is one sheet of scrap paper lighter in the landfill! Win win!

Happy folding!

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