Weird Science

August 2nd, 1985 a movie about two nerds who build a woman out of a Barbie doll and a computer. Lisa then turns the tables and shows the two how to face their problems. Wyatt – who was completely controlled by his bigger brother Chet, and Gary – the man who just wants to be a ladies man.

The movie stars Anthony Michael Hall, IIan Mitchell-Smith and Kelly LaBrock. Bill Paxton and Robert Downey Jr. also play parts in this coming of age movie. And it’s all writen and directed by John Hughes, who pretty much made the 80′s what they were with his movies.

When I found out that this Saturday it’s been 23 years since it’s release, I thought I would do something with one of the dorkiest, yet popular movies in the 80′s. I found what is being touted as “The official site”. While it mostly likely is just a fan site (after all the name of the URL is kutha), it is still a pretty good site and definitely a Dorky thing.

So check out for a trip back to times when computers were run with floppy disks and guys wear bras on the tops of their heads.

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