When Plastic Surgery Fails

*NOTE – Some of the pictures, while not disgusting, might be disturbing.

Uh Oh. I got a wrinkle. Oh NO! I’m getting OLD! What am I to do?

Fear not! The Nip and Tuck artists are here to make you look YOUNGER, Prettier and more vibrant! Stop in for a consultation and bring about $2000 with you….

OK, I do admit, there are some instances where facial reconstruction and plastic surgery is needed. Someone who loses half their face in an accident, a mal-formed lip or ear or whatever. However, with natural age, I might try a cucumber scrub for my face, but will never intentionally have someone change the look of my appearance.

Why you ask? Well, maybe you should look at these reasons from Online Nursing Degrees. And we are not talking about everyday Joe Schmoe mess ups. The list is of some celebrities. Of course the most famous would be Michael Jackson, but there are a lot more than just the King of Pop.

Some might not be the surgeons fault though. Some people walk in DEMANDING this be done. The surgeon might warn them the results might not be that great, but they still want it. OK…..

The site is a great informational one, but the clients on the site could be concidered the Dorks. So if you want to see how faces go wrong, check this out.

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