With Personalized Urn, Mom or Dad can Stare Back

If this isn’t creepy – Imagine in the movie “Meet the Parents”, Gaylord was playing with the Grammes URN that actually looked like Grammes. If you saw an urn shaped like the head of the dearly departed, you gotta wonder if they didn’t preserve the head and burn the rest.

Cremations Solutions is using 3D facial reconstruction to create these pots to keep the ashes of the loved ones. The skull comes off so you can get to and care for the ashes.

If you want something prettier, then Cremations Solutions will do a 3D reconstruction of your favorite celebrity (or as the website says – ‘celebraty’). Maybe Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett or Michael Jackson? Then you can say your Pop was a famous TV show sidekick, I guess.

A full size urn will run you $2,600, while the keepsake will only cost $600. To compare, a casket starts at $500. The burial plot can run you as little as $50 or more. Cremation can range from $500 and up.

I guess it all depends which way you go.

urns With Personalized Urn, Mom or Dad can Stare Back

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