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MARVEL Of the Ages

As we all saw at Comic Con, and in the weeks since the release of ‘Guardians Of the Galaxy’, Marvel is just like Stan Lee. At 75, it’s got the heart and imagination that appeals to a much younger generation. Celebrating 75 of years of comics excellence, Marvel is commemorating the event with a special anniversary Cover Art book. This big ol’ coffee table beauty features a variety of amazing Marvel cover art. DK books was granted access to this rare treat, and has compiled it into a sweet chronological timeline of heroic goodness. And that is why this book...

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Marvel’s Next Big Thing

As Iron Man 3 continues to bring in the bucks, and the prospect of not only another Tony Stark venture, but a second Avengers movie as well, (not to mention Spiderman), Marvel seems to have found it’s mojo in the box office. So, when they announced that Guardians of the Galaxy was to become a feature film, there were a lot of skeptics. Now, I’m a comic book fan, but I had never heard of Guardians of the Galaxy. It is an obscure title, after all, in the Marvel universe. They and Disney must have realized the risk of producing such a...

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SXSW Crashes Marvel

Meanwhile, at the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Texas… On the afternoon of Sunday March 10th, Marvel Comics announced a promotion called ‘Marvel #1′, in which they would provide a gift to its millions of fans until 11 p.m. Tuesday the 12th. Marvel said anyone could download up to 700 of its first issues of Marvel titles… for free! The promo was to be accessible through the Marvel website, Marvel’s iOS and Android apps, as well as the third-party digital-comics store ComiXology, who would be handling the technical back end for all access points. Superfan boys and girls...